Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morning Six Pack: May 22, 2013. 101 Days until kickoff!’ right along on the countdown. Check out six college football stories from around the country.

Online petition to reinstate unfairly banned lineman goes viral

At long last, a college sports-related petition that actually makes a lot of sense.

Sooners coach Bob Stoops on Oklahoma tornado: It was 'just about a mile from our home'

"My family actually saw the tornado coming from the west through our back window, literally a mile away,"

Show cause of ex-Texas Southern coach upheld

The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee has upheld a three-year show-cause order for former Texas Southern football coach Johnnie Cole.

Former Prattville star thrilled to be committed to Auburn

Derrick Moncrief can vividly recall his emotions from Feb. 1, 2012.

What will Paul Finebaum’s move mean to Alabama, Auburn?

Paul Finebaum, antagonist extraordinaire. One has to wonder what the Alabama – Auburn rivalry would have been over the last 30 years without Paul Finebaum. News broke Tuesday that Finebaum’s silence would soon cease…


“Oh,” Whitfield said to Manziel, “you’re going to throw it.”

Whitfield already had asked that all cameras be turned off, half-expecting Manziel to be all over the place once he did throw the ball.

“I felt it,” Manziel said after the first blindfold attempt.

Manziel threw only two uncatchable passes in 29 attempts while blindfolded, prompting a bystander to ask if Manziel could somehow see.

“I have always said he has the best antenna in football,” Whitfield said. “I think he just proved that.”

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