Thursday, April 25, 2013

Morning Six Pack: April 25, 2013

Happy Draft Day! May your favorite SEC player go high in tonight’s proceedings. Meanwhile… Six college football stories from around SEC Country.

NFL Draft: Milliner vows to be ready for training camp

When Dee Milliner was at the NFL Combine in February, some draft analysts had questions about his speed. Those detractors asked him what he thought his 40-yard dash time would be. Milliner simply smiled and said…

Florida football returns to relevance in NFL Draft

Given the Gators' rich draft history, last year's dismal showing was equal parts stunning and revealing. This year should be different.

Sites Picked, Selection Committee Next for Playoff

Now that the guys putting together the College Football Playoff have determined where the games will be played, there's only one major item left on the agenda — and it just might be the most important piece.

Coaches evaluate depth chart

Gus Malzahn had three goals for his first spring practice season as Auburn coach - to 'get our edge back' by building mental and physical toughness, for players to understand the base offense and defense and to have a two-deep depth chart.

Bielema embracing underdog role

Bret Bielema says he still has not unpacked a single box in his new house.


It’s become a regular occurrence. Every April former Alabama players are following Nick Saban’s path to the NFL.

The plan is simple: Come to Alabama, play 3 or 4 years…your choice. Follow the process, win hardware the right way, then go make big money in the NFL and change your life.

As Alabama head coach Nick Saban prepares for his seventh season leading the Crimson Tide this fall, he can look recruits in the eye and tell them he knows how to get them to the NFL. With consistency.

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