Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Morning Six Pack: April 10, 2013

Halfway to the weekend, y’all! To tide us over, here are six college football stories from around the country.

Alabama spring football: Saban demands mental intensity from team

Mental toughness. The Alabama players haven't shown it to Nick Saban's satisfaction in spring practice. '

Clowney sidelined with neck injury

South Carolina All-World star Jadeveon Clowney missed Saturday’s scrimmage with a neck injury. Furthermore, it looks like he’ll miss the rest of spring – this week – with a stiff neck and back.

D.J. Ward has been cleared to play.

D.J. Ward, who went from the top high school prospect in Oklahoma to the sidelines for his senior season, then to the sidelines at OU this spring because of NCAA Clearinghouse issues, can finally play football again. The freshman defensive end practiced with the Sooners Tuesday after being OK'd by the NCAA.

Ranking the SEC football coaches

Considering how important coaches are to teams or even making preseason predictions, Athlon is taking a look at how each conference stacks up with its head coach rankings for 2013.

Maryland finally gets some good news

The Terrapins received word Tuesday afternoon that Brown’s NCAA waiver appeal had been processed and approved.


The issue has driven a wedge through an already divided Division I. Some institutions, including those that don’t compete in football at the highest levels, say they simply don’t have the revenue to offset the added costs. Others worry that making additional payments to players—no matter how small, and for whatever reason—threatens the amateur model.

Such opposition is one reason some of the wealthier programs are pushing for a further subdivision of the NCAA’s top level. If they can’t get their way on issues like this one, some observers say, they’ll just take their ball and go play somewhere else.

The climate has frustrated Mr. McPhee, who believes that even the less-wealthy programs have an obligation to make a priority of players and their unmet financial needs. “If you want to compete [in Division I],” he says, “you’ve got to step up.”

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