Friday, March 1, 2013

Morning Six Pack: March 1, 2013

In like a lamb, out like an elephant, or something. Here’s a start to March with six college football stories from around the country.

Riley Ferguson embraces Vols' quarterback battle

The determination and motivation are easy to discern in Riley Ferguson's voice.

Gamecocks' Ward given 3-year contract

South Carolina defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward earned a three-year contract and a $100,000 raise Thursday after the Gamecocks second straight 11-win season.

Independence Bowl gets a new name

Independence Bowl renamed AdvoCareV100 Bowl. Whatever that is.

Alabama football team set to visit with Obama

How will President Barack Obama look holding up a No. 15 Alabama jersey?

Report: NCAA may modify recruiting deregulation measures

Feedback being taken from member institutions on new measures, which would eliminate restrictions on text messaging, number of staff members who can recruit.


Will any of the four ever play football again? It depends on the outcome of their legal journey, of course. There might still be an athletic future for one or two, perhaps after a transfer or a junior college stop and a fairly lengthy probationary period. There might not. Jail remains a possibility. Whatever happens, the future does not depend entirely on the four players themselves - they ceded that control by their actions. But their entire future, athletic or not, depends on what they learn from this incident.

"Some learn by words, some learn by consequences and some can't learn at all," Saban said Wednesday.

The consequences have already been harsh, and should be harsher. But if they can't learn at all from it, that would be the worst outcome of all.


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