Saturday, February 16, 2013

SHOCKING NEWS: Auburn fans are stalking Alabama players again

It’s another offseason, and it’s another effort by the BAMBI © crowd (Bureau of Auburn Message Board Investigation) to implicate current and former Alabama football players in violations of NCAA improper benefits schemes. This has happened at least once every year that this blog has been in existence.

The BAMBI’s comb Facebook and Twitter, looking for pictures that they think is slam-dunk evidence of players getting free clothes, free cars, free rent, free cash, free food, free everything. Apparently, they don’t think black guys should have all of this stuff.

This time, BAMBI leader @BettyCrocked has found pics of Alabama players standing next to cars with tricked out rims and suggests that they can’t possibly get such bling without running afoul of NCAA rules.

image This is the same bunch that concocted the crazy T-Town Menswear story in 2011, and the same bunch who followed Trent Richardson around, taking pictures of his car and even driving by his house to take pictures of the place his mom and kids were living. This is also the same fanbase that came up with the Operation Red Dog scheme, which consisted of an organized plan to entrap Tide players by offering them laptops, fishing trips and other such perks and then reporting them to the NCAA. It’s also the same bunch of crazies who, going back as far as the early 1990’s paid former Alabama players (Gene Jelks) to make up stories of being paid to play.

These are not the most sane, rational folks out there, so stuff like the Hot Wheelz theory are par for the course.

Maybe they’ve never heard of Pell Grants and other assistance programs that allow student athletes to have the same necessities and perks of college life that all students enjoy. Or, maybe they just don’t care.

Be sure and follow that link above. There’s a lot of good info there to help the sane fans understand how things work in the real world.

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