Sunday, February 3, 2013

Morning Six Pack: February 3, 2013

Start your Super Sunday off early—here are six college football stories from around the country.

THEN AND NOW: How Auburn’s Class of 2013 recruits have evolved from Gene to Gus

In the current landscape of college football recruiting, a healthy percentage of high school seniors will flip enough to make a gymnast blush.

Alabama recruiting: Tide focuses on defensive linemen

Alabama football rarely has looked outside the state for talent as much as in recent years, but the success of the 2013 class could hinge on an in-state player.

Bell, Lawson head big prospects Vols still wooing

The recruiting finish line is in sight, and there's been one question rattling around in the orange-hued minds of many Tennessee fans.

Reuben Foster leaves Auburn visit early, heads to Tuscaloosa

The recruiting saga of linebacker Reuben Foster took another dramatic turn on Saturday, according to reports from multiple recruiting websites.

Why Major Applewhite's affair with Texas student trainer came out four years later

Major Applewhite's affair at the 2009 Fiesta Bowl involved a Texas student trainer.


I understand, from talking to different coaches, that McGee does have that policy. If you commit to UAB, you should be committed to UAB. If you commit to UAB and then take an official visit elsewhere, your spot in UAB's signing class may be gone.

As long as he communicates that policy to recruits - and Anderson said he did in the case of Robinson - that's a straightforward, no-nonsense way to try to ensure that commitment really is a two-way street.

Commitment, on and off the field, is a lost art. Or a foreign concept. Is it too much for a college coach to ask that a high school player honor a commitment? No, just as it's not too much to ask a college coach to be a man of his word if he accepts a player's commitment, even if a better player at that position comes along later.

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