Sunday, January 13, 2013

State College, PA - Jay Paterno: The Crimson High Tide Explained

State College, PA - Jay Paterno: The Crimson High Tide Explained
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After Alabama's third national title in four years, everyone not talking about Miss Alabama is talking about a dynasty. Most striking has been Alabama's complete and utter dominance in the postseason.

Alabama has played three BCS Championship games, outscoring its opponents by a margin of 100-35 (including Notre Dame's 14 meaningless points). The average margin of victory was 21.7 points. In Alabama's last four bowls, it has beaten Big 12 champion Texas, Big Ten champion Michigan State, SEC champion LSU and undefeated Notre Dame, 149-42.

But why? Why has Alabama exploded into a dynasty at a time when the rules in college football are set up to try and level the playing field. Using Big Ten math, here are the 10 (14) reasons why Alabama has separated themselves.
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This is a great read. Check out what he says about the power run game and how it produces an offense that's more explosive than Oregon's. Around here we jokingly call it "Neanderball." In truth it's a very physical, high powered offense that pulverizes opposing defenses and becomes more dominant as the game--and the season--goes on.


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