Monday, January 7, 2013

Making History is a GOOD thing

With Alabama’s 42-14 win over Notre Dame in the 2013 BCS Championship Game, history was made. If you are a Bama fan.sit back, relax and enjoy this. It comes once in a generation. No other program has won two BCS titles in a row. No other team has won three in four years.

Maybe that comes once in a lifetime.

No other team has been as impressive in doing what they’ve done. In the last three BCS Championship Games played by Alabama, the Tide has won by an average score of 33-11. That’s not just winning.

That’s domination.

Who saw it coming? Not me. I seriously believed that Alabama would struggle to run the football early on. I also believed that Notre Dame would, too. Boy, I was wrong on at least one point, huh?

Dynasty? Can we wait until it’s over, please? Nick Saban shows no signs of going anywhere and if you think this Tide team was good, wait until you see what they field next year. Good is good. Scary good is scary.

Fearsome is fearsome and next year’s team will be as fearsome as any college football team put on the planet. That’s not a brag, you guys. That’s the truth.

Enjoy this win, my fellow Tide fans. It’s truly one for the ages. But there are more to come.

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