Friday, December 28, 2012

USC, Kiffin reportedly targeting Gene Chizik for Trojan DC job

'Big Name' USC Defensive Coordinator Candidate: Gene Chizik 
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Since the BCS era began in 1998, there have only been 18 undefeated teams after their respective bowl game. And in that time, there’s only one coach who has done it three times, and that’s Gene Chizik.

Over parts of four different seasons, Chizik won 34 straight games as a defensive coordinator with Auburn Tigers and Texas Longhorns, including a win over USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. When he was hired as Iowa State’s head coach for the 2007 season, he was considered to be the best defensive coordinator college football. Fast forward five years and with the exception of a magical run National Championship run in 2010 aided by Cam Newton at Auburn, Chizik’s proved that he’s not cut out to be a successful head coach. But that doesn’t mean he’s lost his ability to be a defensive genius.

Against Oregon in the BCS National Championship Game two years ago, Chizik’s Auburn Tigers held Chip Kelly’s Ducks to 19 points. But more importantly, and rather miraculously, Auburn kept them to just 75 yards rushing, a fraction of what Kenjon Barner dialed up against USC last month.
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Despite the former Auburn head coach's rapid fall from the pinnacle of a BCS Championship to 3-9 and 0-8, Chizik's stock as a defensive coordinator has always been high. While his term at Auburn saw the defense post its worst four-year stretch in modern program history, his defenses on the 2004 Tigers and 2005 Longhorns produced salty, undefeated seasons.

Maybe this is a good hire for Kiffin and a good move for Chizik.


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