Friday, December 14, 2012

SEC: No suspension for Dial on Murray hit

Quinton Dial will not be suspended for BCS national championship
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Alabama defensive end Quinton Dial will not be suspended for his controversial hit on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the SEC Championship game, the conference announced today.

"The Southeastern Conference has completed its review of video from the 2012 SEC Football Championship Game. Several plays involving both teams were reviewed. After review, all subsequent action will be handled internally by the two institutions and the conference office is satisfied with their actions."

Dial was not penalized, but promptly came under fire for leveling Murray on a second quarter interception return.
This ought to be fun.

Media types--Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart in particular--were screaming from the rafters that Dial should receive punishment for his hit on Murray.  The hit came on an interception return, during which Murray was making his way towards the ball carrier.

Dial knocked Murray off of his feet, but did so using his shoulder in a textbook block.

Helmets did make contact, but Dial never left his feet, did not target or lower his head to spear. It was a hard hit, but every reasonable observer saw it as a legal play.

Football is an impact sport. Get used to it, boys.


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