Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recruit, family see "dysfunction" in Auburn football program

Will Ja’Quay Williams consider Auburn again?
Published on AJC College Sports Recruiting | shared via feedly

“It tells you that there’s a lot of dysfunction. One year, you get rid of both of your coordinators. The next year, you get your rid of your head coach and bring back your offensive coordinator again. One thing that you want — one thing that rock-solid programs have – is continuity. It’s really kind of interesting how all that plays itself out, from an Auburn perspective. (Malzahn) is pretty much going to have to bring in a whole new crew, I would think.”

After Malzahn’s hiring was announced on Tuesday, Ja’Quay’s uncle was asked if they would consider Auburn again.

“I’m fairly certain that the answer would be no, although I will talk to Ja’Quay later about it,” he said. “There’s a lot of things he likes about Texas A&M. Obviously, having a young quarterback in Johnny Manziel that runs a progressive offense, and a good coaching staff, has a lot to do with his decision. He’s committed, and I think he’s ready to start moving in that direction. I would say it is highly unlikely that he would change his mind.”
Williams is currently committed to Texas A&M.


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