Monday, December 3, 2012

Memories Monday: 1992, or 2012?

image The 2012 SEC Championship game—won by Alabama over Georgia by the score of 32-28 is being touted by many as the best and most exciting game in the history of the championship series.

It was a great one—decided on the game’s final play. Alabama’s CJ Mosley tipped a pass from Georgia’s Aaron Murray, which fell into the arms of the wrong receiver. He fell to the turf and the clock ran out.

But is this the Best Ever?

ESPN made a documentary on the 1992 Championship Game. Not only was it just as exciting, it changed the course of college football history forever.

Check out the trailer for that documentary below.


At a painfully frigid Legion Field on December 5, 1992, the league’s best defense met the league’s best offense in a classic matchup between the irresistible force and the immovable object. The immovable object held the day, but it took two 4th quarter heroic plays to get the final score, 28-21, Alabama.

Late in the 4th with about 3:00 remaining and the score tied at 21, Florida took over at its 21 yard line. On first down, play from scrimmage, Shane Matthews' pass was intercepted by Alabama’s Antonio Langham at the 27.  He weaved and juked his way into the endzone. Michael Proctor kick made it 28-21. 

Steve Spurrier and the Gators had one last chance to tie it up again. On 2nd and 10 from the Florida 39, Matthews' down pass was tipped and intercepted by Michael Rogers near midfield. Alabama ran out the clock, and that was that.

The first ever SEC Championship Game remained the most exciting for the next 20 years. The 20th of course was Saturday’s thrilling game. It’s been a great series. There have been a few very competitive games and a few yawners, but every year it puts the best of the west against the best of the east, and for the seventh straight time, the winner will play for the BCS National Championship.

So which game was the best ever? The very first one, or the one we just watched? The debate may rage for years.

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