Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chip Kelly will leave for the NFL. Nick Saban will not.

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Even before Stanford knocked off Oregon and prevented the Ducks from winning a fourth consecutive conference title, rumors ran wild that Kelly would bolt for the NFL after this season. It makes sense. He almost took the Tampa Bay job last offseason, and the Patriots' successful adaptation of some principles of Kelly's Blur Offense proves a version of his scheme could work at the game's highest level. Last week's Yahoo! report that Oregon couldn't wrangle a summary judgment and will have to face the NCAA's Committee on Infractions only fuels those rumors more. If Kelly must face severe discipline because his program paid a handler with a $25,000 check, then why should he stick around and face the music when he can get paid and let the players who remain at Oregon deal with the consequences?

Meanwhile, every time someone links Saban's name to an NFL job, it is because of one of two reasons: 1) Agent Jimmy Sexton knows how to get raises for his clients. 2) Trolling Alabama fans by suggesting their uber-successful coach will leave them is a surefire way to grab page views and social-media engagement.
No truer words were ever spoken (or written) such as the two paragraphs above. SI's Andy Staples knows the score, as to most Alabama fans. Some are still fretting because, well... some folks are more easily trolled than others and, well... Bama fans are somewhat more fretful than others.

The Era of the Mikes did a lot of damage to the collective psyche of the Bama Nation.


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