Saturday, November 10, 2012

University of Iowa has a Sandusky problem

UI Athletics adviser accused of harassing students, trading tickets, money for sexual favors
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An internal UI investigation turned up a long list of sexual harassment violations by Peter Gray, who stepped down Monday from his post as associate director of Athletic Student Services and director of academic advising and counseling. This semester, his duties included one-on-one counseling to members of the UI women’s basketball, men’s golf and men’s and women’s swimming teams.

Allegations against Gray, who was employed by the UI Athletics Department from 1993 to 1995 and again from 2002 until Monday, ranged from making sexual comments in a presentation to recruits and their parents to touching a student’s genitals, the six-page internal report says.

Gray’s inappropriate behavior was at least observed during his initial employment in the 1990s and persisted through this fall, the document says.
Via a Gannet paper, so use your clicks judiciously.

While (not yet) as horrifying as what Jerry Sandusky was doing at Penn State, there is a disturbing similarity in that officials apparently knew of his behavior for nearly 20 years and did nothing about it. As with the Sandusky scandal, people reported the behavior years ago and Gray kept his job without repercussion until Monday.

Look for some more fallout as this story develops.

This also makes you wonder where else this kind of creepiness is going on, and how many other administrations are hiding, protecting or enabling sexual predators.


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