Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Headline of the Day: Stoops There It Is

Stoops There It Is
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Unexpectedly, Kentucky is the first to fire a shot across the head coach searching bow by hiring Mark Stoops and thus allowing me to reference Tag Team…so thanks for that BBN.  Stoops is, of course the shorter, red headed little brother of Bob and Mike, and served as defensive coordinator for FSU this season.  There is no confirmation as of yet to the completely made up rumor that Stoops was hired because his name, out of all the candidates, rhymed most closely with Big Blue Nation's main priority.
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Jim said...

They will always be a BB school first. I remember a story from, I guess, about 1950 or so

when Bear Bryant was the head FB coach there. They won their only SEC FB Championship that year. At the year-end sports banquet Coach Rupp ( head BB coach ) was given a new Cadillac for their BB championship and Coach Bryant was given a gold watch for their FB championship...LOL !!!

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