Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Georgia preview: In a contest of immense talent, intangibles might make the difference

Georgia preview: In a contest of immense talent, intangibles might make the difference
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This is, after all, the program that orchestrated a “blackout” in 2008 when Alabama came to visit Athens, was penalized en masse once after the entire team celebrated a touchdown against Florida in 2007 and has been criticized for too much flash over substance for several seasons, occasionally landing Richt on somewhat of a hot seat. 

 It makes for an interesting dichotomy for Richt, who outwardly projects the image of family man and a man of strong faith, but whose football team seems to take most of its cues from Richt’s alma mater, the University of Miami. It’s reflected somewhat in the amount of penalties each team gets – Alabama received the fewest of any SEC team, while Georgia ranked 10th in the conference in the stat, averaging nearly 7 flags a contest to 4 for the Crimson Tide. 

 It would seem, looking at the way these two teams have prepared for the game thus far this week, Alabama is going about its work in a business-as-usual fashion. With Georgia spending so much time concerned about image, “swag” and the importance of the game itself, the Bulldogs look to be wound as tight as a Titleist.
No spoilers here--go read the rest for Jess' prediction on the 2012 SEC Championship Game.

Jess may be a Bama homer (he freely admits it) but he's an honest and objective one. He calls'em like he sees'em and few prognosticators are willing to back up their judgment the way he does.

Go read the whole thing. Whether you're a bammer or a bullpup, you'll agree that it's a sound analysis.


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