Thursday, November 1, 2012

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A collection of goodies for your lunchtime enjoyment.

Winning at LSU? Not as tough for Alabama as living up to Saban's exacting standards

Forget LSU. Yea, though Bama walks through the valley of death Saturday night, Dennis Dodd says the nation's unquestioned No. 1 fears no evil other than playing below Nick Saban's expectations. Winning is merely a byproduct.

Spurrier: Alabama can beat some NFL teams

Steve Spurrier may not have been a fit in the NFL. However, the Ol' ball says Nick Saban and powerhouse Alabama have what it takes to compete at the highest level.


The Tide and the Tigers are once again facing off for the lead in the SEC West, front-runner status in the SEC Championship Game and an inside track to playing for the crystal football According to Les Miles, Tiger Stadium is where opponents' dreams go to die. As long as you narrow the definition of "dreams" to "hopes of winning", this has been true at night. Miles has only lost one night

Steve Spurrier Believes Alabama Would Be Favored Against Multiple NFL Teams

Watching the hit that took out South Carolina’s star running back Marcus Lattimore was certainly the lowlight of my weekend. Lattimore suffered a dislocated knee and severe ligament damage and will require surgery, but Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier believes he’ll be back, whether it’s with his program or in the NFL. And that isn’t the only topic Spurrier opened up about in this interview.

Does Alabama-LSU have what it takes to become a classic rivalry?

This week on the Alabama Football Podcast, Matt is joined by Alabama blogger Todd Jones from Roll Bama Roll as they break down Alabama's matchup with LSU and discuss what this rivalry has become off the field and how it has evolved over the last decade.

Week 10 Viewers' Guide: What To Expect While You'Re Expecting Lsubamageddon

Well I don't know what in the good-gosh-golly hell y'even need a got-dang "viewers' guide" for this weekend, it ain't like there's but one football game you need to be watchin', and that's ALABAMA-LSU! ROLL TAHHHHHD!!! But what the hayll, if y'all INSIST on watchin' somethin' else instead of spendin' the whole day tailgatin' for the BIGGEST BAMA-LSU GAME OF THE CENTURY SINCE THE ONE A FEW

SEC Football: Auburn Tigers Inspires New Horror Film, 1 and 8, Debuts Satruday

So it seem the grease fire that is the Auburn Tigers and Head Coach Gene Chizik has inspired a new and thrilling Horror Movie title 1 and 8. All of College Football and the SEC is all abuzz about this classic physiological adaptation based on true events. Here is the trailer…

SEC Blitz, Week 10

Random Thoughts from Around the SEC Georgia seizes control of the SEC West, while Alabama's reign of dominance continues with the showdown in Baton Rouge on the horizon. Why Does Everyone Think Jon Gruden Would Be A Home Run Hire? Gruden's been a hot name among fans ever since Bobby Petrino was fired in April, and other fan bases crave him as well. My question is, why?

No. 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche's mother: 'My No. 1 team is Alabama'

The mother of No. 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche calls Alabama her "No. 1 team" and "the one school I truly love." Could the Crimson Tide still have a chance of landing the Clemson-commit's services?

Alabama will 'throw some different things' at LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger, Dee Milliner says

Some different schemes will "try to mix him up," Crimson Tide cornerback says of the Tigers' first-year starter.


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