Sunday, November 11, 2012

Commissioners to Mull Playoff Format

Commissioners to Meet on Football Playoff Format
Published on NYT College Football | shared via feedly
Conference commissioners will meet Monday, hoping to decide whether to have a six- or seven-game format for the new college football playoff.
Support has waned for adding a seventh marquee bowl game to the semifinal rotation. But there is still a strong possibility some automatic entry to the system will be given to the Big East and four other conferences now without a bowl of their own.
"Whether it's seven games or six games, the commitment to access that was established at the Chicago meeting, I'm confident, is still in place," Sun Belt Commissioner Karl Benson said Sunday from Denver, where the commissioners regular meeting with the BCS presidential oversight committee was being held.


OtisDaWino said...

I guess it's to early in the morning, but I don't get this article. What Comminssioners, what playoffs?

GulfCoastBamaFan said...

It's the BCS commisioners, and they're meeting to further discuss the format of the upcoming 4-team playoff after the current BCS system expires next year.

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