Monday, November 5, 2012

Bobby Hebert taking heat for press box antics

It's time for Bobby Hebert to leave the press box and join his fellow fans in the stands
Published on The Times-Picayune - | shared via feedly

Sometimes less. In-game tweeting and blog-posting responsibilities have added to the deadline crush in recent years. Writing about games for a living is a pretty sweet gig, almost as sweet as watching TV for a living. Doing it well, on deadline, is work.

So that's why Bobby Hebert can't cheer in the press box, and maybe why he should just watch games from the stands or elsewhere.

Just days after Greg Bishop of the New York Times celebrated Hebert's unique appeal in a glowing profile story, Hebert embarrassed his employer and fans – again – by being Bobby. Warned multiple times on Saturday night that his enthusiasm was inappropriate for a workplace setting – which is what the Tiger Stadium press box on a Saturday night is – Hebert was escorted from the scene by a campus cop.


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