Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ACC heads west, steals Louisville from Big East

ACC votes to add Louisville in 2014
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So long Maryland, hello Louisville.
Presidents from the Atlantic Coast Conference barely allowed the ink to dry on Maryland's exit papers for the Big Ten when they unanimously voted to add the University of Louisville for all sports starting in 2014.

Louisville is the No. 1 college basketball television market in the country and operates with an annual athletic budget that is more than $25 million greater than Maryland's last reported fiscal athletic expenditures of $57.35 million.

The Cardinals also have an improved product on the football field under coach Charlie Strong, who has a 23-14 record in two seasons before Louisville plays for a BCS bid at Rutgers on Thursday night. Maryland is 15 games under .500 in the past four seasons.

Well-known basketball coach Rick Pitino and the traditional power of his team brings instant cachet to a conference that will also bring in Jim Boeheim and Syracuse next season.
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