Thursday, October 4, 2012

The flight path of the crashed Bama – Ole Miss plane

By now, you’ve seen the news reports and heard the buzz surrounding the ill-fated trip last Saturday, wherein a group of avid football fans were en route to watch the Alabama – Ole Miss game and had an unfortunate incident.

Fortunately, all four fans escaped unharmed, hitched a ride to Montgomery. There they rented a car and drove to Tuscaloosa—just in time for kickoff!

Here’s a map showing the path of the aircraft.

FlightAware ✈ N1537T 2012-10-04 15-43-20

The origin of the flight was HL “Sonny” Callahan field near Fairhope, Alabama. They traveled east to pick up a radial from Pensacola, then turned due north towards Selma. Reports said that the plan was for the group to stop in Selma, get some BBQ, and resume their trip to Tuscaloosa.

As we all know, things didn’t go quite according to plan.

Some reports had the plane registered to Callahan himself, leading to speculation that he may have been on board. Those reports seem sketchy.

The plane is currently registered to Premier Aviation, LLC, a Delaware company. However, records indicate that a registration transfer was initiated in August, and the new owner is in Huntsville (but not yet named).

So why do we care about all this?

Well, it’s a slow news day and…

This is one of those truth-stranger-than-fiction stories that make college football fanaticism so much fun. These guys are fortunate to be alive, but now that we know they'll be alright, we're free to make fun of'em.

Even if they are some of our own!

My burning questions: Did they get any BBQ in Selma? From where? Was it any good? Ribs, chicken, pulled pork or brisket? What sides came with it? How was the tea?

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