Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Southeastern Conference Official Statement on the Bama Ole Miss call non-controversy

Via Charles Bloom, SEC Media Relations:

“On a 3rd down play at the 13:31 mark of the first quarter, an Alabama pass play was completed to the Alabama 32-yard line and signaled for a first down. 

A YouTube video calls attention to the placement of the football.  The following outlines the sequence of events leading up to the first down placement:

1)  The receiver is down outstretched with the football inches shy of the 32 yard line and at the line to gain when his knees touch the ground;

2)  The head linesman immediately stops the clock and gives Alabama the first down (By Rule, clock stops at the awarding of a first down);

3)  The head linesman is seen stopping the clock and initially places the ball shy of where the football was declared dead and shy of the previously awarded first down;

4)  The head linesman uses an incorrect mechanic in looking back to the first down marker to move the football back to the original correct spot;

5)  Video review of this sequence confirms that the final spot of the ball is correct.”

That should be that, but we all know that no one convinced that the officials are out to protect bammer will buy this. After all, the SEC, Mike Slive and all of the officials were paid off by the REC, or something.

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Thomas Little said...

The REC sure does one hell of a job

Rogue Elephant said...

That's 'cause they'z fambly.

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