Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning Six Pack: October 12, 2012 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue; where he discovered beer and football. Now, 520 years later you can still check out these six college football stories from around the country.

A healthy Lacy is key for Tide

When the 2012 season started, the biggest health concern in the University of Alabama backfield was junior running back Eddie Lacy, coming off an offseason surgery.

Did Ohio State coach get pizza man fired?

A local Ohio pizza parlor employee was fired as a result of comments that he made regarding Ohio State's defensive play. Though the firing seems absurd, he may have voiced his displeasure to the wrong person.

Tom Mason talks jinxing shutouts and 'The Big Estonian'

SMU defensive coordinator Tom Mason believes shutouts should be given the same consideration as no-hitters in baseball.

For Duke Football, a Reason to Cheer in 100th Season

Duke is celebrating its 100th season of college football, and the 5-1 Blue Devils are one victory from becoming bowl eligible for the first time since the 1994 season.

Support for Loeffler: Former mentors vouch for Tigers offensive coordinator

Along the tree-littered mountainous terrain of northern California is the town of Truckee. It is there, less than 15 miles from Lake Tahoe, where Jim Colletto recalls his last experience as a professional football coach.


In one tale he often told, as recounted by Sports Illustrated, Mr. Cook received a phone call one day from a woman asking for a copy of the roster of the Pitt football team. Mr. Cook said she should wait until the squad was cut, to 75 or 80 players from the original 120. “Otherwise it’s really a waste of your time,” he said.

But the woman demanded the roster immediately. He asked why. “Because,” she said, “I want to sleep with everybody on the Pitt football team.”

Mr. Cook gasped, but rallied. “Well,” he said, “in alphabetical order, starting at guard ... Cook, Beano.”

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