Thursday, October 11, 2012

Morning Six Pack: October 11, 2012 football returns to the field and the screen tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, steady those mugs. Enjoy these six college football stories from around the country.

Gene Chizik's wife has a facebook meltdown

Attempt to rally the troops via her facebook page goes a little off the chain.

Ohio State, Texas set home-and-home series

Ohio State and Texas will play a home-and-home series in 2022 and 2023, the schools announced on Wednesday.

Gamecocks continuing the gauntlet

This could be South Carolina's best team ever, and the Gamecocks have quite the stage to state their case.

Jerry and Dottie Sandusky wrote letters to judge blaming Penn State, media and lying children

They blamed image-conscious forces at Penn State. They alleged cops lied and said ambitious prosecutors and a scandal-hungry news media aided in the conspiracy.

Sooners' Saunders to play vs. Texas

The NCAA has declared receiver Jalen Saunders eligible to play for No. 13 Oklahoma this season, just in time for the Sooners' rivalry game Saturday against No. 15 Texas.


“I don't think there's any question that a huge amount of that credit goes to Jeff and his staff,” Muschamp said Wednesday. “They've done a fantastic job. As much as anything, when we went back to old core lifting that I was accustomed to, the transformation in their bodies, and the players began to build confidence in what they're doing when they saw themselves getting stronger.

“They saw themselves and they understood in the spring we were a more physical team. They saw themselves improving as a football player. So like anything else, when you invest time in something then you start to realize it's working for you and you're benefiting from it, it motivates you to do it more.

“So, I think the motivational level in there was at an all-time high since I've been here. So, again, I want to go back and say we're a year older. We're a year more mature. We're able to handle certain circumstances a lot better. We're able to handle adversity much better, which again is a credit to the weight room and Jeff and his staff.”

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