Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mischievous fans have fun with “Jim” Chizik’s Wikipedia page

image Almost anyone with internet access can write and make changes to Wikipedia pages. In most cases, the changes are meant to be informative. But from time to time, people with a penchant for mischief take the anonymity and freedom to new levels. Such has been the case with a parody page highlighting the career of Auburn football coach Eugene “Jim” Chizik.

Note that the real Gene Chizik Wiki page is here, and it isn’t locked from being edited anonymously. So the mischief extends from the parody page to the real one!

High comedy.

Eventually, the parody page will disappear and the genuine page will get locked, which means only certain credentialed individuals will have edit access.

Not to worry. We’ve got screen shots of the page and here are a few of the gems so far:

Per rumors, Chizik constantly spent time in his last season at Iowa State stating that no coach could ever win in Ames. He's successor, Paul Rhoads, won more games in his first season, six, then Chizik did in two seasons, five. Many Iowa State fans blame Chizik for bringing the program down a level and rightfully so. He had no success in Ames and Iowa State fans are thankful that he's gone and ruining another program now.


Jim started out the 2012 season by losing in Atlanta to the Clemson Tigers to the score of 26-19. His Auburn Tigers currently sit at 1-4 on the year, with losses to Clemson, Mississippi State, LSU and now John L. Smith's Arkansas. The Tigers' only win of the season thus far is to the ULM Warhawks in overtime (31-28). The future of the Auburn football program is dismal. Jim and Scot Loeffler are currently on the hot seat for their abysmal coaching.


The mischief extends to offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler’s Wiki page, too:

Loeffler has single-handedly destroyed any progress Kiehl Frazier may have had.

This is why we love the internet, y’all.

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Advisor said...

Funny. I added my name to "famous alumni" to my college's wiki site (Jax State), and it stayed up for about a month.

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