Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In-Depth Analysis of Georgia’s Road to the SEC Championship

By: @LivingCrimson

UGA USC Wizard of Oz eggs TP FINAL

A picture is worth a thousand words.

End of analysis.

The Head Ball Witch summed up the Gamecocks 35-7 win with his usual savoir faire: the Georgia offense "didn't move it very far when they were out there," Steve Spurrier said with a grin.

Mark Richt recapped the game in his best feelings voice: "First of all, the bad news is we took a whipping. The good news is we all took it together. It was a team loss.”

What he really meant to say is that even though the Bulldogs in his tenure are now 2-15 against teams that finish the season ranked (including presumably South Carolina), 10-win easy-schedule seasons and the occasional Division title are good enough. Because doggonit people like him!

Mark Richt has lost control of his seat warmer? Naw … but he has lost control of eggs and toilet paper. There is no yellow brick road for Georgia to the SEC Championship unless Florida manages to beat the Gamecocks, UGA can then pull off a win against the Gators, and the SEC East ends in a three-way tie.

According to the SEC office: "The tied team with the highest ranking in the BCS Standings following the last weekend of regular-season games shall be the divisional representative in the SEC Championship Game, unless the second of the tied teams is ranked within five-or-fewer places of the highest ranked tied team. In this case, the head-to-head results of the top two ranked tied teams shall determine the representative in the SEC Championship Game."

We doubt the wind blows the Dawgs back to that side of the rainbow.

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Speaking of teams wandering lost in the BCS Oz this season, Alabama fan anthem21 with a tribute to the media’s favorite Smurfs, the Boise State Broncos: Gangnam Style.

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