Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good investigative journalism, or Honey Badger harassment?

You make the call.

Tyrann Mathieu and his parents, Tyrone and Sheila Mathieu, are firing back after publication of a Sports Illustrated cover story that they say went too far.

All three declined to be interviewed for SI's article, which Tyrann Mathieu described as "ridiculous" after he read it Tuesday.

Tyrone Mathieu say Sports Illustrated refused to accept their decision not to be interviewed for the story.

"They called from blocked numbers repeatedly, asking me why I was dodging them," Tyrone Mathieu said.  "They came to my home and that of my elderly mother on multiple occasions."

How bad did it get? The Honey Badger had to hire a lawyer to write a cease and desist letter to reporter Pete Thamel and Sports Illustrated.

You can read that here.

Over at Friends of the Program, blogger Bunkie Perkins recalls allegations regarding Thamel’s persistence while investigating the Cam Newton saga two years ago, when Thamel was a lead college sports writer for the New York Times, and has this YouTube capture of a local TV station’s report on the matter.


What’s your take on this? If the allegations of bribery are true (SI’ denies the claims), what does that say about the state of investigative journalism, and why would any college sports program cooperate with news organizations that would bribe accusers and try to elicit false testimony?

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