Monday, October 22, 2012

College football’s biggest whiner now doesn’t even like his own network

Texas coach Mack Brown once welcomed the Longhorn Network. Now he sounds as though it's become a headache and a window for opposing coaches to get an unfair peek into his program.

"I didn't ask for it,'' Brown said Monday, noting he's worried that the six hours a week he spends taping three television shows and the network's access to the first 30 minutes of daily practice may tip opposing coaches to player injuries, tendencies and schemes.

Brown said he and Baylor coach Art Briles discussed it before Texas (5-2) beat Baylor 56-50 on Saturday.

"It's in Waco. Baylor sees every practice,'' Brown said. "We're a little overexposed.''

Mash here.

LHN was the proximate cause of Texas A&M and Missouri’s flight to the Southeastern Conference last fall. It was also a sore spot for Nebraska, who left the Big 12 for the Big 10. Texas refused to share any revenues from the LHN deal with ESPN and former conference commissioner Dan Beebe ultimately lost his job for the appearance of bending knees towards Austin.

So, it’s Ok to point and laugh at Texas and Mack Brown, college football’s biggest bunch of whiners. The fact that opponents may be using LHN’s coverage of Texas practices to plan for games against the Longhorns is ironic, funny and fitting. 

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