Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bama grad from “I hate Tennessee” video still hates Tennessee

Another gem from al.com’s Matt Scalici:

"I grew up rooting for Auburn and against Alabama. I came to Alabama and the Tennessee thing just kind of made sense because I couldn't bring myself to hate Auburn right away. Also though, Auburn got their brains beat out in the SEC Championship in 1997 by Peyton Manning and that always bothered me. When I got to Alabama and heard some of the stories about Phillip Fulmer and what he tried to do to Alabama, I just really started to build up a good hate for them."

Carney hasn't been back to see an Alabama-Tennessee game in person since that 2007 game but says he remains an avid Alabama football fan and has enjoyed watching the Tide stack up five straight victories against the Vols.

"Oh I still hate Tennessee for sure, especially that soft, pale orange. I want them to lose every game from here to the next century. The thing about Alabama that differentiates us from everyone else is that we're never satisfied. I love watching Tennessee lose and if we beat them by 50 points, it still won't be enough for me."

Mash it.

A couple of quick hits:

YouTube was still in a relative stage of infancy when the now-famous video was uploaded, and neither Facebook nor Twitter were even on the landscape yet. So the fact that this thing caught on so quickly was due to the original social media of the internet—message boards.

Another thing to keep in mind—Tennessee was still coached by Phil Fulmer, and in 2007, concrete evidence and details were emerging that fully framed Fulmer’s involvement in the Tide’s NCAA case over the recruitment of Albert Means. The hate flowed in ways that would make Emperor Palpatine cackle in delight.

Here’s the original video, just for the same of posterity and what not.



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