Friday, September 7, 2012

Texas A&M, Bama sees what you did there...

Texas A&M's claims it has won two more football national titles
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Texas A&M will play its first SEC game tomorrow and to honor the occasion the school has given itself two more national championships.

The Aggies appropriately claimed the 1939 national title after going 11-0 and finishing No. 1 in most of the polls. The championship has long been acknowledged outside Kyle Field in addition to its conference titles.

But the display has been changed this offseason. Now there are additional championships added for the 1919 and 1927.
Mash here for the full story.

We applaud this move. If you were recognized as one of 484 national champions in any given year before national championships were actually awarded, then we think you should claim them. We hold 1941 hostage until the Lost Ring year of 1966 is properly awarded and recognized so... carry on.


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