Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Six Pack: September 5, 2012 you labor in football detoxification, try these six college football stories from around the country to take the edge off your Jones.


NCAA is looking into allegations that two former USC athletes, running back Joe McKnight and basketball player Davon Jefferson received perks from former assessor's office employee Scott Schenter.

Dismukes back from one-game suspension

After serving a one-game suspension for public intoxication on Aug. 25, Auburn center Reese Dismukes has been cleared to play in this weekend's game against Mississippi State.

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin takes easy way out on discipline

t's a cop-out reminiscent of Mike Shula's postponement of Juwan Simpson's suspension to the second week of the season in 2006 -- after a season-opening showdown with Colt Brennan and Hawaii.

Players charged with petition fraud

Eight North Dakota State University football players, including four starters, are among 11 people charged with faking petition signatures in a scheme that will keep two well-funded initiatives off the November ballot.

Is NCAA Amateurism a Sham? Two Historians Sound Off

Taylor Branch and John V. Lombardi are both respected historians who once shared the same ZIP code in Baltimore. But that’s where their similarities appear to end.


"I've always talked about Gator-Knights and Seminole-Knights," O'Leary says. "If you live in Orlando, I'm not going to change your affiliation, but I do think that if your hometown team is playing, you should be rooting for them." No problem this week, Coach.

O'Leary will get his wish and then some on Saturday when the Knights travel to Columbus to take on former UF coach Urban Meyer's new team — the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Knights may not have many fans up at the iconic Horseshoe on Saturday, but nearly the entire state of Florida will be pulling for them. Especially Gator Nation and the many UF fans who feel jilted by Meyer, the once-revered coach who left their program broken and surfaced at Ohio State just a few months later.

"This week I'm going to be the biggest, most obnoxious UCF fan you've ever seen in your entire life," says Mandy, an avid Gator fan who regularly calls my radio show. "Urban Meyer is the man you dated and the ending went so bad, you have an unhealthy hatred for him. He's the ex-boyfriend you hope gets fat, gets divorced five times and his last wife leaves him for Rachel Maddow."

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