Thursday, September 20, 2012

Morning Six Pack: September 20, 2012 morning air is cool, crisp and refreshing. Just like these six college football stories from around the country.

Tennessee really should keep praying

The university is still formulating its response to a cease-and-desist letter sent last week by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, but the administration does not believe there is anything wrong with the long-standing tradition of a pre-kickoff invocation.

Swinney travels long road to restore Clemson to prominence

Dabo won't waver in his quest to deliver a national championship to the Tigers.

Jayhawks RB Sims back from three-game suspension

An underwhelming win against South Dakota State, a fourth-quarter meltdown against Rice and a closer-than-expected loss to No. 17 TCU have left Kansas looking for a spark.

Why Does Razorback Coach John L. Smith Want Us ALL To SMILE!!? He Explains

Arkansas Coach John L. Smith opened his Monday press conference by yelling at media to "SMILE!" So what led to the "SMILE!" rant? Smith decided to explain Wednesday night on his coach's radio show.


He gets animated as he explains one of the first things he did upon arrival, another important part of Arizona's football culture that needed changing:



Realistic Man wonders why no team has tried to block a punt against Florida because it seems like Christy is still taking a long time to get it off.

Rah-rah Boy sees the cup as half-full. Realistic Man thinks it could use some more water.

There is some truth in what they both believe. This is a talented but flawed team. If the Gators can win Saturday and go 4-0 in September, it's different from the previous 4-0 starts. But the real meat of the schedule is still ahead.

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