Saturday, September 1, 2012

Morning Six Pack: September 1, 2012

imageAs you struggle in futility to contain your excitement over GAME DAY, check out these six college football stories from around the country.

Fan dies after fall at Georgia Dome

Authorities say a 20-year-old man who plunged about 35 feet from the Georgia Dome's upper level and struck another fan during the Tennessee-North Carolina State game has died.

Spartans dominate Broncos, but have some mistakes to correct

The final score, 17-13, didn't do it justice. No. 13 Michigan State dominated No. 24 Boise State, but it will need to correct some mistakes going forward

Tyler Wilson interviews like a champ

Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson recently sat down with USA TODAY Sports' Eric Prisbell.

Pulling the plug on pumped-up jams

Emily Janssen can eliminate at least one of her responsibilities at Missouri's home football games: turning on and off music between plays to pump up the crowd.

Derek Dooley passes first test of 2012 with flying colors

No, the Vols haven't made their way back to elite status. But for the first time under Dooley, Tennessee looked like a credible SEC team.


The North Carolina scandal is a mess of forged signatures and unearned grades. Numerous courses in the department of African and Afro-American Studies were apparently a sham, designed to give athletes credits they didn't earn. But the NCAA doesn't care, because the NCAA cares about money and competition, in that order.

How ridiculous is this? Well, imagine you were a parent. You send your kid to school on an athletic scholarship. Would you be angrier if he took a few hundred bucks from a fan, or if the university gave him phony grades so he could stay eligible? I understand college kids wanting some extra money. I think most people do. But I would be livid if the university gave my kid a grade he didn't earn.

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