Sunday, August 26, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 26, 2012

imageOh hell no you don’t Isaac. We have games to watch and these six college football stories from around the country to read.

He is the Ambassador of College Football. Deal with it.

Alabama's head coach proposes that college football's top "60 or 70" programs be divided into a separate division and play only against each other.

Les Miles: LSU has potential to be better than last year

"I like the personality," Miles says of his 2012 team. "I like the want to practice, the chemistry in the team room. These things seem to be maybe a little more sincere."

The running of the South Paws.

South Alabama's Fan Day is scheduled from 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday at the Mitchell Center on campus.

Run, you sissy Hurricanes.

The looming threat of Tropical Storm Isaac is already affecting the Miami Hurricanes.

Georgia Bulldogs Splashing Around in the Pool

For weeks, the Georgia Bulldogs had been lobbying their head coach to get them to take them to the Ramsey Center for a pool day.


The number of times I heard “Roll Tide” over the course of a weekend in Tuscaloosa far outweighed the number of times I heard “Geaux Tigers” during my weekend in Baton Rouge.

All of this led to my main conclusion after spending time in each place on a nongame weekend: Alabama fans are, well, just crazier about their football team than L.S.U. fans are.

It pains me to admit this, mind you, as in SEC country, the sheer lunacy of the fan base one exists in is often a source of irrational pride. I’ve actually gotten into arguments with people over whose fan base tilts more toward the insane. But L.S.U. football in Baton Rouge is a sideshow — an elaborate sideshow people feel passionately about, yes, but a sideshow nonetheless. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama football is the main event, a full-blown circus in the Greatest Show on Earth tradition of P. T. Barnum. To put it bluntly, on any given day, Tuscaloosa is probably the closest thing to a college football theme park that a person could visit.

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