Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 22, 2012

imageAle in favor of these six college football stories from around the country, signify by shouting “AYE!”

It’s settled, the Iowa running back position is cursed

Iowa running backs are jinxed. It's a bold statement, but how else can you explain the epic bad luck that has befallen that position this past year, which includes three backs leaving the team and two suffering ACL tears?

Arizona State eyes commercial development field

School hopes fees generated from long-term project on its land in Tempe will help pay for improvements to its athletics facilities.

Michigan coach still undecided on suspended players

Michigan coach Brady Hoke told reporters Tuesday he isn’t sure if running back Fitz Toussaint or sophomore defensive end Frank Clark will play against Alabama.

Appeal denied

The NCAA has denied Duke's appeal for immediate eligibility for transfer Jeremy Cash.

Maryland loses its projected starting DE for the year too

The season-ending injury to quarterback C.J. Brown unfortunately will not be the only major one impacting the Maryland Terrapins this fall.


After what Tinker went through in the tornado – losing his girlfriend and his house and being hospitalized with injury – dropping a $30,000 piece of Waterford crystal wasn’t going to faze him.

Tinker, more than anyone, knows that far more can be gone in an instant.

The long snapper has been an inspiration to people ever since, but insists that he’s the one who is inspired when he sees the impact he can have on people outside of football.

“I’ve said this a long time ago and it’s been my mantra – to be a blessing to people,” Tinker said. “That's something I try to do every day. Look to be a blessing to somebody. That’s good to hear, but at the same time, you should just do it because it’s the right thing, you know? That’s why I do it.”

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