Sunday, August 19, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 19, 2012

imageThere ain’t no backwash in this six college football stories from around the country.

Secondary education: Defensive backfield tutelage is Saban's speciality

Alabama safety HaHa Clinton-Dix never figured he and his teammates in the defensive backfield would rate so much of the head coach's time. When he attended his first team meeting as a freshman, Tide head coach Nick Saban was there, of course.

Meyer has re-energized Buckeyes after down year

On the day he was introduced as Ohio State's 24th head coach last November, Urban Meyer outlined a relatively simple list of expectations for his players, his staff and himself.

Keeping QB in one piece is key for MU season

Asked to provide an inventory of his injuries last season, quarterback James Franklin led a guided anatomical tour of Missouri's schedule.

Far from USC, Garrett chases titles in Oklahoma

Mike Garrett's next stop after being forced out at Southern California might as well be an entirely different world.

Michigan's Robinson can count Obama among his fans



A dynasty most likely would have continued without the NCAA penalties, but where's the breaking news in that? Instead, USC breaking bad has become a modern miracle in coaching, roster juggling, recruiting and talent acquisition. In a backdoor, twisted kind of way, USC has almost benefitted from having gone on probation for Reggie Bush's misdeeds.

You have to admit that now.

The program has been scrubbed clean. The grim Mike Garrett removed as AD. A boy-king coach has risen. It took a descent into NCAA hell for all of it to happen. USC always gets media attention. But it hardly ever gets this type of attention, with the word "resurrection" high in the story. Let's refine that point: USC at No. 1 when not on probation? Been there, voted that. But USC back to No. 1 after being docked those 30 scholarships and missing two bowl games? Un–Kiffin-believable.

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