Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LOLLICOPTERS: Saban is "boring and predictable."

Michigan radio host: 'Alabama has no idea what is coming'
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Simsonson questions Saban's coaching ability and believes Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison has proven himself to be a more effective game planner.

"He knows how to game plan against an opposing offense as good as anyone I've ever seen, college or pro," Simonson writes of Mattison. "Saban has won titles based on running the football, stockpiling talent and recruiting, and not a lot of out-of-the-box coaching. His style is boring and predictable."

Simonson also predicts the Wolverines will finish 14-0 and win the national championship, with quarterback Denard Robinson winning the Heisman Trophy.
Homers gonna homer.

Mr. Simonson, you might want to ask Les Miles, Frank Beamer and Tommy Bowden how "boring and predictable" a Nick Saban coached team can be when it's given this much time to prepare for a game.

You might also want to tone down the rhetoric, lest your comments appear taped to a wall near the game planning bulletin board.


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