Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Cities in Champions Bowl Sweepstakes

Five cities bid for SEC/Big 12's Champions Bowl
Published on Sports Impact | shared via feedly
Five cities ended up bidding for the new Champions Bowl -- New Orleans, Arlington, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio, according to sources familiar with the process.
ESPN first reported earlier this week that at least five of the 10 cities with bid packages sent in proposals. Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville also were offered the chance to submit bids, which were due Wednesday.
The SEC and Big 12 will evaluate the proposals over the next several weeks and jointly discuss their pros and cons. New Orleans and Arlington are considered the overwhelming favorites.

Without even being privy to the selection criteria, it's not hard to see how New Orleans and Arlington would be considered the favorites. Both are familiar with what the Southeastern Conference expects in terms of bowl revenue, and Arlington would have a pretty good idea of what the Big 12's representatives on the selection committee expect, too.

While the other cities can also claim familiarity with hosting a bowl game, it's a fair bet that NOLA and Arlington can actually pay what the conferences want them to.


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