Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paterno statue sculptor on its fate: "Can we reach a fair compromise?”

Sculptor of Joe Paterno statue calls ongoing flap 'almost surreal'
Published on Boston Herald | shared via feedly
"I have to say, I can't be so bold, because I'm the artist, that I want it (to stay) up," Di Maria said. "That's what the public would expect me to think. I have to be clear with my conscience. I would go along with any just decision that is made. Not only am I compelled to take the side of the victims, but I consider also the feeling of the kids who went there (to Penn State), who have such a high regard for State College."
Penn State reportedly plans to make a decision on the statue in the next seven to 10 days.
A Pennsylvanian living in or around Reading since 1958, Di Maria said he does not believe any decision should be made in the heat of the moment.

"Can we reach a fair compromise?" Di Maria said. "Yes, I believe it is humanly possible. But it is too early. Emotions are going through the ceiling. Humanity cannot make rational decisions when emotions are so high."

The artist, who does other work for Penn State, has his own questions about how the college should proceed. Students in charge of Paternoville, where students camp out for the best seats at football games, announced this week they were changing the name to Nittanyville.
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There's a valid point in that decisions made in haste and high emotion are the ones we regret the most. But, exactly what would constitute a "fair compromise?" It's gone, or it's not.

Maybe it's removed from its place of prominence and put into a museum that no one visits. 


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