Monday, July 30, 2012

NBC has Twitter account suspended following criticism of Olympics coverage

Critic of NBC has Twitter account suspended after network complains
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Guy Adams works as a writer for The Independent, a national newspaper in Great Britain. He lives in Los Angeles. Throughout the Olympics, he's taken to Twitter and ripped NBC repeatedly for its coverage of the Games in America.

Namely, he's criticized the network's reliance on using tape delays, a frustration shared by millions of viewers.Only in a marriage of old media and social media, Guy Adams no longer has a Twitter account. It was suspended Tuesday, and both NBC and Twitter ought to be humiliated by their thin-skinned, heavy-handed, and essentially pointless behavior.

Adams was no doubt relentless in his tweets.

"Am I alone in wondering why NBColympics think its [sic] acceptable to pretend this road race is being broadcast live?" he wrote in one. "Matt Lauer: 'Madagascar, a location indelibly associated with a couple of recent animated movies,'" he mocked on another. 
 Get the original.

There's a message being sent here, folks. If you don't get a tingle up your leg, NBC is coming after you.

So is Twitter, apparently.

I don't have an opinion on NBC's coverage of the London Olympic Games. But if I did, I'd like to think I could offer it frankly without having to worry about Big Brother giving me the business for it.

 If my Twitter account is suspended following this post, then thanks for all the follows, conversations and retweets.

It's time to #FreeGuyAdams.


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