Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Morning Six Pack: July 18, 2012

imageMOAR SEC MEDIA DAYS! And six more college football stories from around the country.

I don’t know about you, but I laughed out loud.

Wrong joke for the wrong crowd at SEC Media Days?

Chip Kelly spent his summer running with the bulls

With the summer coming to end, it's time to reflect back on all those things you during your time off. For Oregon coach Chip Kelly, that reflection is probably a blur of running and red and really big horns and mass panic.

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin aims to continue culture shift

The Commodores finished 6-7 and went to a bowl last season, gaining a measure of respect along the way. Now, they want more.

Virginia Tech hype video

The Virginia Tech Hokies are coming off of an 11 – 3 season with two losses, one in the ACC Championship game, to Clemson. This year the Hokies are looking to get past the Tigers and represent the ACC in a BCS Bowl.

UA's Sigler injured in Copper Top shooting - Alabama

Former Alabama defensive back and current member of the team's support staff Kelvin Sigler was treated for a bullet wound to the forearm and released from DCH Regional Medical Center.


A public debate has raged on Twitter and in the news media in recent weeks over whether Penn State should be the second major college football team to receive the so-called death penalty. In the late 1980s, Southern Methodist became the only major college football team ever forced to drop the sport for a period of time because of widespread NCAA violations.

Programs usually come under consideration for the death penalty if they are repeat violators, meaning that the respective universities had other major rules violations in the previous five years. But Smrt and Yeager said the death penalty is always an option when the infractions committee decides how to punish schools in cases that involve major violations.

"Unfortunately, someone (a school) could go from 0 to 60 (mph) with something so egregious, so it does not have to be a repeat violator — could be right out of the blocks," Yeager said.

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