Friday, July 13, 2012

Legal experts: Paterno may have faced charges

Legal experts: Paterno may have faced charges
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If he were alive today, Joe Paterno -- the coach who stood for so long for character and integrity both on and off the football field -- could be looking at charges such as child endangerment, perjury and conspiracy.

Legal experts said emails and other evidence in the Penn State investigative report released Thursday suggest Paterno may have misled a grand jury when asked when he first heard about Jerry Sandusky's misconduct, and show that Paterno and other university officials put boys in danger with their failure to report sexual-abuse allegations leveled against Sandusky more than a decade ago.

Duquesne law professor Wes Oliver said the report by former FBI director Louis Freeh reads like a prosecution case for a child endangerment charge against Paterno, then-president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley and now-retired vice president Gary Schultz. Oliver noted that a former top official in the Philadelphia Archdiocese was convicted of that very charge in June for allowing a suspected pedophile priest to be around children. "If you look at what happened here, it's very clear that they were aware that they had a pedophile on their campus," Oliver said.

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