Monday, July 30, 2012

Former Bama Center William Vlachos Defends Saban

image One of Nick Saban’s former players—Center William Vlachos—defends his college coach against allegations made last week by weasel pimp sports agent Ralph Cindrich.

Vlachos was a member of Saban’s 2007 signing class, and spent all five years in Tuscaloosa including a redshirt freshman season.

Few players would know more about how the most successful coach in college football conducts business, and Vlachos minces no words in defense of his former coach.

“I didn’t see all the details to know what was said but I can tell you this, I spent five years there and Coach Saban runs an absolutely first class operation. There are no shortcuts and there is nothing fishy going on. I started forty games and I was drug tested, and I never got anything from anybody. “

“Everything is run by the book,” continued Vlachos. “He’s (Saban) is an extremely smart guy and he knows there is too much to lose by breaking the rules.”


“He always says that, he doesn’t make the rules, and I think there are probably some rules he doesn’t agree with,” said Vlachos. “But at the same time there are consequences to breaking them and I know he realizes that.

“Anything is believable in this day and age, the people you thought could never slip up but he’s (Saban) so on top of things and he’s so smart, I can promise you he’s not doing anything he shouldn’t be doing.

“He runs that thing the right way because it’s all about integrity with him and the best player plays and if you want to go there you go there and that’s that.”

If you ask the same questions of Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Greg McElroy or any other of Saban’s former players, you will get the same answer.

And to Mr. Cindrich and his gaggle of pilers on, here’s that famous SEC Media Days quote again:

“High achievers don't like mediocre people; mediocre people don't like high achievers.”

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