Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alabama DL Jesse Williams blows up Twitter with 600 lb bench press

Seriously, he really did.

Bench press 600 lbs, that is.

Whether Twitter fainted in shock and awe is a matter of much public conjecture and debate.

Twitter went down at about 11:15 Eastern today, right about the same time that the photo below went viral on the popular social networking platform.


Right after the network came back online almost two hours later, I posted the following Tweet:

image It didn’t go viral like the photo did, but it did get a boatload of RT’s. #humblebrag

The Associated Press wanted to blame Twitter’s outage on the Olympics.

pffft. We think we know the real reason.

Over at, Matt Scalici has some of Williams’ teammates reactions to the feat.

To put this in perspective, that weight is approximately the same as two Michigan offensive linemen. Denard, watch your six, bro.

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