Friday, June 15, 2012

USC’s alleged firebug said God told him to “burn things…”

Via ESPN News Service:

imageKevin Ellison, once one of the top defensive backs in the nation for the USC Trojans before being sidelined by a knee injury as a senior, has been arrested on federal arson charges after he reportedly told investigators he set his bed ablaze with a marijuana-filled cigar because "God" told him to.

According to local media, Ellison confessed to starting a fire that engulfed an apartment early Thursday morning in Liberty Lake, Wash., near Spokane, after initially telling authorities he had been smoking in bed. Ellison, who played briefly for the San Diego Chargers after college, has been playing linebacker for the Spokane Shock of the Arena Football League.

Ellison reportedly jumped from the third-story unit but sustained only smoke inhalation.

Read the original story here.

We can only imagine how that dream might have gone. But maybe it went something like this:

“...and there would be a Great Burning.

About that he cared very much. In the dreams the dark man came to him and spread out his arms from a high place and showed Trashcan a country in flames. Cities going up like bombs. Cultivated fields drawn in lines of fire. The very rivers of Chicago and Pittsburgh and Detroit and Birmingham ablaze with floating oil. And the dark man had told him a very simple thing in his dreams, a thing which had brought him running: I will set you high in my artillery. You are the man I want.

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Unknown said...

The Stand. Do subscriptions come in small, unmarked bills?

David L. said...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

180,000 of'em.

Hungry Mommy said...

Just send the bag man my way, then.

Unknown said...

Hate it when my wife stays signed in, though I doubt she would turn away the bag men either...

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