Sunday, June 10, 2012

Non-Sports: Y’all need to see this. Your government at work, ladies and gentlemen

Dana Loesch and her husband are attempting to leave Providence, RI and get “the bidness” from TSA.

I’m sure it couldn’t have anything to do with the couple having attended the 1st Annual Breitbart Awards.

While leaving the Providence, Rhode Island gathering for the Franklin Center where the first annual Breitbart Awards were held, we were detained by the TSA and my husband was subjected to intrusive screenings based on the claim that he was covered in “nitrates.”

He was subjected to the standard pat-down: back of the hands, check your waistband, run hands up and down the inside of the leg stopping at the groin. When the agent went to check his gloves he claimed that something on his gloves “set off the alarm” at which point informed us that Chris would be subjected to another pat-down and his luggage searched.

They directed us over to the side of the security area and searched his luggage; they also swabbed everything in it. It was at this point they began talking about “nitrates,” a reason often in the news because of the propensity for false-positive results in such tests. They asked him if he fired a gun or handled gas today. We explained to them that we had not been to a range in a few weeks and did not go in the clothes he was wearing or take with us our carry-on luggage. They zipped up his luggage and directed us to a private room.


Ummm… Nitrates. Sure.

Nitrates are present in fertilizer, wine, beer and pretty much any organic material you’d put in your garden.

Reconstituted grass from cows, horses and other grazing animals are “nitrates.”

The harmless stuff in your aquarium or garden pond are “nitrates.”

They’re the last product of the Nitrogen cycle.

“Ammonium Nitrate” is an explosive, so pretty much any “nitrate” is gonna attract attention from mouth-breathers like these assholes.

They screwed with the wrong couple. Dana Loesch is a conservative radio personality, hosting the Dana Show in St. Louis, Missouri.

LOL. Whoops.

Hell hath no fury, y’all. Especially when you mess with her husband.

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