Sunday, June 24, 2012

Non-Sports: Watch a citizen school a police officer on open carry law

This gentleman is detained—and his firearm temporarily confiscated—by a police officer acting in good faith but afoul of case law, which the citizen carefully and politely describes in this 3:16 long video.

Detained For Open Carry - Watch More Funny Videos

While I'm convinced the officer was acting out of an abundance of caution for public safety, the unnamed citizen is absolutely correct. The police can’t just go around confiscating weapons in jurisdictions where states have authorized open carry laws.

Furthermore, simply having a weapon is not a valid basis for detaining an otherwise law-abiding citizen.

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ColorOfGrey said...

You support this guy? I don't care if he was completely legal, he was a jerk. He kept interrupting the cop who, for whatever it's worth, sure was calm about it. I'd be worried if I saw a guy walking around my kids with a gun too. Especially a guy who would interrupt anyone so repeatedly about how he has a right to carry a weapon walking down the street that could kill my kids. What a creep.

David L. said...

Read my post carefully. I understand that the officer was acting in good faith.

But I also know that he was acting outside of the law.

A well armed society is a polite, law abiding society.

ColorOfGrey said...

Then if you don't have anything to worry about and guns save people, all you have to do is cooperate when people call police to ask why you are walking around their kids with a gun. Having a gun is a big responsibility. Not being a dick to cops when parents are worried is ALL they are asking. It's really not too much. Keep your guns, that's fine, nobody's trying to take them away. Just don't be a dick.

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