Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Statue for Sarah at Alabama, but long due recognition is coming nonetheless

No new statues: Complete plan for 'Champions Plaza' revealed 
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The University of Alabama will honor all of its national championship coaches, but don’t call the sculptor just yet. Documents provided to The Daily Bama Blog reveal the planned “Champions Plaza” will include an interactive look at Alabama’s complete body of athletic success.

There won’t, however, be any new statues commissioned.

The $2.8-million project will be build adjacent to the Sewell-Thomas baseball stadium on the Alabama campus. The first phase of the construction must be approved by the UA system board of trustees in a Friday meeting. If all goes as planned, the project will be complete by the spring of 2013.
Via Michael Casagrande at Daily Bama Blog.

  1. Coach Patterson deserves a statue erected in her honor, plaza or not.
  2. Recognition of Patterson, Murphy and all of the other coaches who have brought hardware home to Title Town is long overdue.


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