Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stoops shows Sooners he’s serious

Column: Through suspensions, Stoops shows Sooners he's serious
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Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops wasn't finished with his own version of "spring cleaning."

Following a season that ended with several transfers and dismissals from the locker room, Stoops and Co. said they weren't giving out free rides anymore. But apparently receivers Trey Franks, Jaz Reynolds, Kameel Jackson and reserve safety Quentin Hayes didn't get that memo.

If my count is correct — and I'm assuming that these players won't be coming back — this makes 13 scholarships that have opened up since December.

While some of the exiting players weren't starters and saw only a handful of playing minutes, this past group of exiles take with them 75 percent of OU's starting receiving corps. That's a big hit for a program that is trying to get back on the national title run after failing to get close to the championship game last season.
Read the full column here.

Often, the Silly Season--that period of time between the end of spring drills and the start of fall camp--can make or break a football team's upcoming season. Coaches that grab the problem by the scruff of the neck and straighten it out usually avoid disaster. Those that let the program swirl in controversy and unpleasant attention see everything flushed down the drain.

The Oklahoma program is clearly in the former category. Unfortunately for Arkansas...


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