Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rich getting Richer? Five star Georgia commit ponders switch to Bama

Five-star UGA commit Derrick Henry considering switching to Alabama
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The Alabama Crimson Tide coaching staff has set its sights on one of the nation's top athletes, five-star recruit Derrick Henry from Yulee, Florida, despite the fact that Henry has been committed to Georgia since last July.

The 6-foot-3, 245-pound star received a visit from Alabama running backs coach Burton Burns earlier this week and told BamaOnline that his communication with the Tide coaching staff has stepped up in recent weeks.

"There's nothing not to like about Alabama, really," Henry told BamaOnline. "If you look at them the past few years and the success they've had with the players, as a team and then with Coach (Nick) Saban and all the success. They bring in the top recruiting classes.
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"They bring in the top recruiting classes."

Recruiting analysts have long held that the real bounce from a championship season occurs in the signing class one year removed from the title.

Henry's comments indicate that he's also drawn to Alabama because of quality of potential teammates he perceives. He sounds intrigued by the possibility of playing and competing with the best. Henry will probably be a star regardless of where he lands. But being a star on a squad that is still gathering momentum is heady, tempting stuff.


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